Indian Dance

About Us

Natraja School of Dance (NSD) is an institute of Kathak, Indian Folk and Bollywood dance under the directorship of Olica Maniram. Olica has been involved in Classical dance for the past 29 years and has been teaching for more than 17 of those years. She ran her own school in Durban. Since moving to Cape Town in 2004 she has taught Indian Dance in its various North Indian forms.

Natraja School of Dance is based in Rylands, Cape Town and this is the only school of its kind in promoting the classical dance style of Kathak, through studied syllabus, in Cape Town. Kathak is the major classical dance form of northern India and is the strength, specialty and backbone of the School but by no means undermines the strength and value of Indian Folk dance which is characterized by free and spontaneous movements and the evergreen and ever-popular Bollywood dance. Students of the school range from the age of 5 till those in their adult years and new enrollments are welcome.


Our mission is to endeavor to empower and strengthen our students into confident, efficient and productive individuals as ambassadors of our culture through academic and dance tuition. The vision of the Natraja School of Dance (NSD) is to encourage and maintain a close bond with our rich culture, heritage and practices from the perspective of Dance.


Students of the school take examinations in Kathak, which consists of both practical and theory components. Students are examined by an external examiner thus far students have been excelling in their exams.

Olica and her students have performed at events such as the State of the Nation address, Maynardville Community Chest Carnival, Telkom’s Conference, Naspers City Press Awards Ceremony, Diwali Festivals at the V&A Waterfront, National celebrations in commemoration of the 1860 Indian settlers in South Africa.

Olica produces annual school stage productions which sees all students in participation and transports the audience though a colorful journey of dance.

Natraja School of Dance has also featured in television commercials which featured the students of the school and which Olica choreographed and co-ordinated. NSD also performs at private and corporate events.